CCOO warns about the intensive working day in construction

CCOO warns about the intensive working day in construction and assures that it will denounce companies that do not comply with it. The union did not sign the work calendar considering that one week less “is a setback in the rights of workers”

CCOO Huelva, through its general secretary, Julia Perea, and the organization secretary of the Huelva Habitat federation, Gerardo Fernández, have presented this Wednesday the measures that are going to be carried out so that the intensive day in the construction sector, which began on June 13 until August 18, and “whose fundamental objective is to ensure the safety of workers and prevent accidents due to heat stroke”

In this sense, the general secretary has revealed her disagreement with a work schedule that this union did not sign, considering that one week less of intensive working hours, as stated, “is a setback in the rights of workers.”

In this sense, Julia Perea has appealed to the Huelva Construction Employers Association (AECO) “to reconsider its position and not only bet on the economic and organizational interests of the companies as opposed to the safety and health of the workers. /ace”.

Likewise, Perea has stressed that “from this union we are going to be very vigilant so that the companies comply with all the measures in the works, since otherwise we will report to the public prosecutor’s office any breach of the Occupational Risk Prevention regulations that suppose a occupational accident due to heat stroke.

The general secretary has also asked public administrations to “guarantee the health of workers by taking the necessary measures so that the companies to which they subcontract enforce the rights of workers and intensive working hours”.

Another of the points that the general secretary has put on the table has been the repercussion of the Labor Reform in the construction sector, in this sense she has assured that “the reduction of temporary contracts in the first quarter of the year in 9 percent less than in the same period last year.

However, he has pointed out that “we are going to be very expectant for the third survey of the active population, which is the one that clarifies whether the labor reform is being assessed or a fraud in construction contracting is being covered up”, and if so, since “ CCOO we are going to enforce the agreement reached with the Government in each and every one of the companies denouncing possible fraud in hiring because temporality entails precariousness and precariousness an increase in work accidents “

For his part, the organizational secretary of the Hábitat Huelva federation, Gerardo Fernández, wanted to make it clear that “there are many companies belonging to the AECO that fail to comply with the construction agreement” in terms of working hours, salary matters and also what they are doing with summer time”, which is why he continues that “we call on the labor inspectorate to put in all the necessary means to avoid situations that are putting people’s lives at risk”.

Gerardo Fernández has sent a message to the administration to “stop looking the other way knowing that there are companies that work in public works that do not respect the intensive working day, nor the work calendar, skipping rest days”

They will denounce before the inspection who does not comply with the intensive shift

Likewise, Fernández has been emphatic in affirming that “from this union we will continue denouncing to the labor inspection and the prosecution all those companies that fail to comply with the intensive working day and we are going to make their faces red by making them public because we cannot allow the piracy that there are in this sector”.

The representative of the Huelva Habitat federation has asked the workers to contact the union “so that they tell us their problems anonymously and we can help them, so that they can move forward and assert their rights”.

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