Andalucía Por Sí denounces the “abandonment of El Portil”

(Signature: Andalusia By Yes) Since Andalusia For If Punta Umbria We have been able to observe how another summer is still being talked about from the Puntaumbrieño town hall that it has been spent on cleaning up the accesses to the beaches and the streets of the portalsomething that in our opinion is very far from the current reality.

When we have walked through the streets of El Portil we see how it seems that the sidewalk has not been repaired for a long time, finding that there are missing pieces which can cause falls. Another of the problems that we see that is very unfortunate is the state of the road, many of the car parks for people with disabilities present a real danger for people because of how both the curbs and the holes are, without forgetting that the road has potholes everywhere

We find it very strange that with the temperatures that are being reached they are not there yet, including placing drinking fountains in many of the areas of El Portil when we have a high traffic of visitors.

We received complaints from neighbors who warned us that the accesses to the beach were still not fixed in many cases and those that have been built do not solve the problem for people with reduced mobility who see in many cases that when they reach the sand they encounter very high stairs or steps. We cannot forget that the Punta Umbria City Council has not yet tackled a long-term project on how to solve the problems of sand loss that the neighbors are so concerned about.

We think that for Mrs. Aurora Aguedo gardening in El Portil should be a subject that is not important, only that responds to the ease with which many areas with abundant grasses and weeds piled up next to various dead pines that can perfectly serve as fuel in a fire, without it seeming that anyone from the Punta Umbria Town Hall raises the voice of warning about this imminent danger.

We believe that the conditions of both maintenance and equipment could be substantially improved, if sufficient resources were really allocated both for the cleaning of garbage and grass in various areas together with greater security. We think that seeing the good collection that this area always has when it comes to charging for parking meters, it is logical that a large part of that collection affects the Portil.

andalucia in case it denounces portil abandonment andalucia in case it denounces portil abandonment andalucia in case it denounces portil abandonment

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