An exquisite Sharon Clark intoxicated with jazz La Rábida

Sharon Clark She started singing at the age of seven and her talent as a singer was evident. Her father encouraged her to pursue a career in jazz and since then it hasn’t stopped. This Tuesday at headquarters of the UNIA in La Rabidaaccompanied by her musicians, Sharon Clark proved to be a gigantic star.

For an hour and a half, the American quintet captivated the audience with their repertoire, where they collected jazz classics and covered Motown or Beatles songs.

The public correctly sang several of the songs by the artist from Washington, and got carried away by her rhythm on several occasions, despite the hot night that will remain in the retinas forever.

Closing of the Open Culture Cycle La Rábida

The group Monia´s quartet presents this wednesday night ‘Bakalawa’, a proposal that shows the unfathomable richness of music without sticking to a certain category or specific style. Its name evokes the memory of a delicious Arabic sweet that is consumed throughout the eastern Mediterranean area and the Middle East, making a clear nod to the sweetness of the desserts, to the international essences that are reflected in the way music is treated, the vocal warmth of Monia and the subtlety of the arrangements.

Monia’s Quartet will show tonight starting at 10:30 p.m. in the courtyard of the UNIA Headquarters of Santa María de La Rábida, a particular mixture of rhythms that recreate the different musics of the world, without ties, without borders, recreating a authentic rainbow of rhythms and sounds.

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