Aguas de Huelva celebrates World Car Free Day

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This Thursday, like every September 22, the World Car Free Daya date declared by the European Commission 22 years ago, as the culmination of the European Mobility Week. An event that aims to promote an ecological awareness in the citizens of the world, with the objective of making the population aware of the benefits of public and sustainable transport in order to reduce carbon emissions produced by the massive use of private vehicles.

The department of Sustainability and Innovation of Waters of Huelva has promoted an initiative among the company’s workers so that they include sustainable mobility among the healthy habits of their daily lives. To this end, a call has been made to the workforce to join the day without a car in a symbolic way, with the aim of also creating an environmental awareness that modifies their mobility habits as much as possible, thus contributing to achieve a city without smoke.

The use of the car makes life easier for us by being able to move comfortably from one place to another, but the increase in the number of vehicles circulating in large cities significantly increases their carbon footprint, causing irreparable damage to the ozone layer. For this reason, different measures are recommended to mitigate the effects of intense city traffic:

The use of public transport

The use of buses favors circulation, as they can be used at the same time by a greater number of passengers than private vehicles. In addition to its capacity, another advantage of this means of transport is fuel. In this way, the Huelva City Council has renewed practically 50% of the Huelva fleet in less than two years, with 20 buses powered by natural gas out of the 42 that currently provide their service in Huelva and with an environmental impact much lower than previous.

Bicycles and electric personal mobility vehicles

Bicycles are a non-polluting and, moreover, healthy way of getting around, as they encourage physical activity and sport. Likewise, the use of vehicles that do not produce any type of pollution, neither acoustic nor gaseous, is being imposed. In addition to electric cars, we find both scooters and electric motorcycles, whose use has become popular in recent years, in which they highlight that these vehicles do not produce any type of pollution, neither noise nor harmful gases.

The Huelva City Council has made a firm commitment to the development of sustainable mobility in our city. In March of this year, the Sustainable Mobility Plan of the city of Huelva was presented, which includes a series of solutions aimed at promoting cycling mobility; new parking solutions in accordance with sustainable mobility and new pedestrian zones; a configuration of the public space with a greater protagonism to the pedestrian; as well as measures to promote greater participation of more sustainable modes of transport.

The Deputy Mayor for Town Planning, Environment and Ecological Transition of the Huelva City Council, Manuel Gómez, accompanied by the Managing Director of Aguas de Huelva, Pedro Peña, the company’s Director of Human Resources, Ángel López, and the Director of Sustainability and Innovation, Natividad Moya, have presented a pedometer to the company staff who have parked their car to participate in this initiative. For the most part, the participants in the initiative have gone to the work centers on foot, while another part of the workers has preferred to get around by bicycle, electric scooter or using public transport.

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