Advantages of TRAMEX and PRFV in the development of engineering and construction projects

The composite, as its name suggests, is an element made up of the union or reinforcement of two or more elements. In construction, many materials fall into this genre, but those that have been reinforced with fiberglass are perhaps the most popular and sought after today.

At an industrial level, but also at a domestic level, creating solid, safe, flexible, durable and light structures at the same time is one of the current priorities in construction. To make it possible, the projects are almost always carried out from scratch, assessing the specifications of the land, its climatic conditions and others. Something similar usually happens when it comes to installations in already built structures.

But there are materials that work outstandingly in all cases. Fiberglass and PRFV -polyester reinforced with fiberglass- can be interesting cases in this regard.

Materials that work, but must be of quality

It is important to highlight that both types of materials have durability, lightness and resistance to inclement weather, the passage of time, corrosion and others, their main technical attributes. However, it is essential to choose a suitable supplier for this class of materials, since some have specialized in it, as in the case of Fiber Eagle in the Spanish market, which undoubtedly makes it the right option for this kind of project.

And the projects can range from the comprehensive management of construction and engineering developments that require the use of elements of compositebut as is also logical, It has a lot to do with the solutions already manufactured by these companies and that are used for countless industries, such as those listed below.


Composite load-bearing grids, PRFV or also known as Tramex gratingsare a differential element in industrial construction, especially structures exposed to intensive use or inclement weather.

Its main utility is in creating light structures that need to be walked frequently, or that due to their exposure to chemical agents or ultraviolet rays, require greater durability, even without any maintenance. For this reason, they are ideal for structures in heavy industries, but also for floors, steps, walkways, false ceilings and others, thanks to their excellent resistance.


For their part, the Tramex PRFV railings they are designed to guarantee security, stability or durability, at a more competitive cost over time, since they do not need any type of specific care to maintain their properties.

Railings are essential, both for stairs already built, structures that need to carry additional safety elements, but additionally, in environments where exposure to the weather -for example, the surface of a boat or the roof of a building- makes it risky to walk without some element that provides security and stability.


Finally, one of the most outstanding products of Fiber Eaglebut in general of the composite industry with fiberglass reinforcements, are the Tramex PRFV stairs.

The stairs are designed to fit any type of project, structure or building, even for residential uses in areas where climatic factors prevent other materials, such as aluminum or stainless steel, from being the best option.

A greater lightness, a simpler and more customizable constructive development, and for large engineering projects, resulting in an exponential speed in the creation of parts, Tramex stairs and, in general, all construction elements derived from fiberglass reinforcement, today represent an integral solution, that are mostly sought after by heavy industries and by sectors where field work is essential, but with the passage of time, they will surely be used more frequently in residential environments, given their qualities.

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