Acuaes awards the La Palma treatment plant for 5.6 million

The Board of Directors of the state trading company Aguas de las Cuencas de España (Waters), of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, has authorized the award of 5.6 million euros of the contract for the execution and start-up of the adaptation works of the treatment plant of La Palma del Condado.

Thus, a total of 27 companies have submitted their bids, with the UTE CHM Obras e Infraestructuras SA- Padelsa Infraestructuras, SA finally being selected for a period of 18 months, which includes six for start-up, as reported by the Ministry in a Press release.

The action focuses on improving the water line in order to comply with the discharge limits established by European legislation, for which a new arrival and pre-treatment work is proposed in a new building, a new biological reactor and secondary decanter with the same dimensions as the existing ones, as well as a new chlorination chamber and measurement of the flow of treated water.

The project includes the remodeling of the secondary treatment to guarantee the correct purification of a daily flow of 3,984 cubic meters of water, through the adaptation of the existing reactor and the incorporation of an anaerobic chamber for the biological elimination of phosphorus. The sludge line will also be expanded with the incorporation of a new thickener, centrifuge and sludge silo.

The new facility will serve a population of 12,150 equivalent inhabitants for the horizon year 2045. Along with the treatment plant, Acuaes will act in the municipal sanitation network by building collectors 1.2 kilometers long each.

These works are part of the plan that Acuaes is developing based on the agreements signed on November 2, 2021 with the then Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development -currently the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development- of the Board of Andalusia and the mayors of Moguer, Palma del Condado and the Association of Services of Huelva.

This, in order to invest around 22 million euros in improving the treatment of wastewater from several municipalities in the province of Huelva that “currently do not receive adequate treatment” before being incorporated into the receiving environment, as required by the Directive 91/271/EEC, especially as it affects the removal of nutrients.

Specifically, action is going to be taken at the treatment plants in Mazagón, Moguer, La Palma de Condado and Trigueros; the latter will also treat wastewater from the municipalities of Beas and San Juan del Puerto. The objective of Acuaes is to advance “quickly” in “the solution of the purification problem that exists in the province of Huelva”.

In this way, the Board of Directors has also authorized the award to the company Ingiopsa Ingeniería, SL, of the contract for technical assistance services to the project management in the supervision and control of the execution, in the coordination of health and safety and in the supervision and environmental control of the works of the Moguer, La Palma del Condado and Beas-San Juan del Puerto-Trigueros WWTPs for an amount of 427,722 euros and a term of 18 months.

The works are expected to be co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund Feder 2014-2020, within the Pluriregional Operational Program of Spain (POPE).

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