A Walk through Art, on August 12 and 13 in Ayamonte

The center of Ayamonte will become the next days 12 and 13 August in a authentic museum outdoor with the IX edition of ‘A Walk through Art’an initiative that will host works of more than one hundred and thirty artists and in which painting, sculpture or photography have a place. The president of the Diputación de Huelva, María Eugenia Limón, and the mayor of Ayamonte, Natalia Santos, have presented this activity organized by the Ayamonte city council and the La Escalera Art Workshop.

A Walk Through Art Ayamonte

According to María Eugenia Limón, it is “a journey through the intense artistic activity of a city that has been and is the cradle of great artists”, at the same time that she has conveyed her congratulations to both the Ayamonte City Council and the La Escalera Workshop, ” for spending almost a decade favoring one of the great functions of art: bringing the work closer to the viewers, who are the ones who give it its true meaning”.

The president also wanted to invite people from Huelva and visitors who spend these days in our province “not to miss this magnificent Open Air Museum. I am sure that thousands of people will once again fill the streets of Ayamonte to enjoy one of the main attractions of the summer and one of the most beautiful municipalities in the province of Huelva”.

Natalia Santos, for her part, pointed out that ‘A Walk through Art’ is “a purely Ayamont activity, and she thanked the members of ‘La Escalera’ for their work and involvement in organizing the event. “This is an event that returns with strength after the forced parenthesis of the pandemic and that ultimately means a return to that long-awaited normality with an initiative that has emerged as one of the main attractions of the summer in our province and that will once again turn Ayamonte into a true open-air museum in which all the participating artists, amateurs, novices or professionals, will have the opportunity to show their work in identical conditions”, he stated.

‘A Walk through Art’ will feature the participation of some one hundred and thirty artists, including sculptors, painters and photographers. In this edition, as Javi Castulo, from the ‘La Escalera’ Art Workshop, has pointed out, the exhibition space available in some of the streets that make it up, such as Calle San Antonio or Calle Domingo el de los Caballitos, is expanded, and the stage remains of activity the Plaza del Rosario and Huelva, San Pedro or Juan de Zamora streets, and the Courtyard of the Church of San Antonio.

In addition, the performance of the “Orquesta de Pulso y Púa” of the Asociación Polimnia de Ayamonte, and a string quartet from Huelva will be included, which will provide music for these two nights of art.

The last face-to-face edition of the Walk for Art, in 2019, had the participation of some one hundred and twenty artists, all from Ayamont or linked to the town as established in the bases, who offered the more than twenty-eight thousand visitors who enjoyed art for the streets of the city center, more than a thousand works.

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