A summer course discusses talent management

The headquarters of La Rábida of the UNIA debate these days about the future of labor relations and the management of human talent. The importance of knowing how to lead and transform in a changing context the summer course Reinventing the HR functionwhich aims to respond to the challenges of people management in a new social reality marked by high economic and technological progress, but also by a huge concern for emotional and mental health, that requires putting well-being at the center of your strategy.

The sessions are led by Jose Antonio Climent (researcher specializing in labor relations at the University of Huelva) and Santiago Vazquez (Director of the Center for Emerging Leadership of the Technological Institute of Monterrey, Mexico). The course, which also brought together attendees from all over the world via the Internet, began last Monday with a first introductory speech by its directors, inviting attendees to think beyond human resources, towards a new social science of human capital. From this starting point, the attendees have been able to discover different angles of the future of work, the challenges that the digital age presents for companies and the key role that the human factor plays in it.

The schedule also reserves time to present the new leading trends in the generation of human resources, as well as lectures on how to build talent at the speed required by today’s business, the role of the CEO of human resources or the importance of having the right culture and values ​​to stimulate people’s commitment. The meeting concludes this Thursday advancing new horizons: the connection between neuroscience and talent and the opportunities that positive psychology offers to build new leadership.

In the different sessions, the directors have had the presence of a group of professionals and experts authorized to address the matter in its complexity: the founder of Future for Work, Santiago Garcia; the CEO of OS City Jesus Cepeda; the economist and expert in leadership and transformation Juan Carlos Cuberothe director and counselor of companies, Elizabeth Aguilerathe head of the Nestlé Competence Center for Latin America and Canada, Nestor Jimenez; the director of CEPSA Química, Esther Gonzalezjournalist Adolfo Zarandieta; the coach edgar roses and the medical specialist in neuroscience Marta Ligioiz.

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