A ship spills oil in the Huelva estuary

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On this Tuesday morning a ship spilled oil on the estuary of Huelva, between the Vigía beach and the South Pier, reaching the shore at some points on the beach. This oil was accompanied by a detergent product.

Such episodes frequently occur due to oil spill coming from the bilges of ships, sometimes accidentally and others premeditatedly, which escape the control of the maritime authorities.

Emptying the bilges of ships is a major source of pollution of the marine environment and is considered a criminal offense that carries high fines and even jail terms. From here we ask the Maritime Captaincy for greater control of the ships, which to save time and money violate environmental regulations at sea. Events like this cannot continue to happen when we have the means to prevent it.

ship spills oil Ria de Huelva ship spills oil Ria de Huelva

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