A hundred young people join Cepsa to promote its new strategy

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Cepsa begins two programs for recruiting young talent that will allow 96 recent graduates promote your career in one of the leading companies in the sector. Within the framework of its ‘Positive Motion’ strategic plan, Cepsa reinforces its workforce to advance in its goal of leading the market for sustainable mobility and energy. Both programs offer training to their participants along with the possibility of collaborating with different professionals from the company.

In the sixth edition of the ‘Challenging U’ programme, a total of 76 young people have joined Cepsa at the company’s headquarters in Madrid, and at its industrial centers in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva) and San Roque (Cádiz). This is the edition with the highest number of additions since the program has been running. In addition, the selected young people will start with an indefinite contract and will combine their professional experience with a postgraduate degree in Business Management taught by the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), one of the best business schools in Spain.

The company is currently working to be a leader in the energy transition, so these calls offer recent graduates the opportunity to develop in one of the leading companies in their sector and in the process of transformation. Young people of five different nationalities participate in this edition of the ‘Challenging U’ program and Cepsa wanted to promote the participation of female talent, including 70% of women in the program, as well as promoting inclusion, with the incorporation of 3% of People with disabilities. Since Cepsa decided to develop the program for graduates, 174 young people have participated in it, of which more than 80% have ended up joining the company’s professional workforce.

On the other hand, the company launches the ‘Impulsa FP’ program, to incorporate graduates in Higher Vocational Training into its workforce at its central and commercial offices, as well as at its industrial centers. In this first edition, those selected will have an indefinite employment contract. In addition, they will have a training itinerary made up of specific courses based on their area and core training for all profiles in the field of energy transition or digitization, among others.

Bettina Karsch, Director of Human Resources at Cepsa, welcomed the participants at an event held this morning at Torre Cepsa, who underlined: “This year, we are reinforcing our commitment to young talent, making our program more competitive.” Challenging U’ and inaugurating the first edition of ‘Impulsa FP’ to promote Cepsa’s ‘Positive Motion’ strategy. We live in a unique moment in which we need your talent and passion to face the challenges of the sector and be leaders of the energy transition”.

Cepsa ensures equal opportunities, identifying and developing the full potential of people based exclusively on their abilities to perform their duties.

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