A drone with public address against the illegal capture of coquinas

The plenary of Umbria Point approved this Wednesday, in an ordinary session and unanimously, two proposals from the Mayor’s Office to increase vigilance over jet skis and to expand the campaign against the capture of coquinas by batherswith the performance of a drone with public address in the month of August.

In the first of them, the central government is also requested to increase the legal measures in obtaining the title for the management of these vessels, summoning other coastal municipalities to join this cause, with the support of the FAMP. The go-ahead is also given to start an information campaign, together with the Maritime Captaincy, to spread good practices and publicize the sanctions that those who misuse may face.

“We have picked up the glove that the Maritime Captaincy threw at us, with which we met before the summer season began to try to solve this problem, which also requires the involvement of the State Security Forces and Bodies”, said the councilor Citizen Security delegate, Alejandro Rodríguez.

In the case of the capture of clams, the Delegate Councilor for Fisheries, María Sacramento, explained that the intention is to expand the campaign that the Junta de Andalucía already has underway and to which the City Council has already joined with messages on Onda Punta Radio and on social networks. Now, the use of a drone with a public address system will be added in the month of August “to defend, as far as possible, the employment of the shellfishers and the families that live from this professional activity, and to protect the environment, trying to people are aware that collecting coquinas at low tide is an illegal activity”

On the other hand, it has also been approved with the vote in favor of the entire Corporation to deliver the gold medal of the city to Santo Cristo del Mar for the 75th anniversary of his arrival in the town, highlighting all the groups their link with the Brotherhood Fishermen and support for traditions and those who work for them. On September 10 there will be an Extraordinary Exit authorized by the Bishopric.

In other matters, another proposal from the Mayor’s Office has been unanimously carried out in which the Junta de Andalucía is urgently requested to reinforce health personnel and ambulances in the Health centers of Punta Umbría and El Portil.

“It is a problem that we have been suffering, but that has increased this year with the resignation of two doctors and for not having a doctor for displaced people, something that is not acceptable in a municipality that multiplies its population by ten at this time, becoming a great city”, as the mayor, Aurora Águedo Borrero, stressed, while at the same time thanking the involvement of the staff who are in these two centers “who, despite redoubling their efforts, see that it is not enough”.

In the economic section, during this Ordinary Plenary Session the general account for the 2021 financial year was approved, with the five UPU councilors voting against and two abstentions from those responsible for Ciudadanos and Adelante Punta Umbría. In addition, the delinquency and payment period of the second quarter of this year have been reported, which has improved compared to the first quarter of 2022, as well as the financial control of the period between January and April.

In the same way, in this plenary session, José Antonio González López of Unidos Por Punta Umbría took office as councilor, replacing José Antonio Flores Belmonte, after resigning from his minutes. All the groups have wished him luck in his new role as a public servant.


Ciudadanos – Partido de la Ciudadania has presented a motion in plenary for the placement of protections in the public car park on Avenida de la Marina and the promotion of its restoration, another for the repair of the road at the zebra crossing that is in front to the Municipal Center for attention to Functional Diversity, and the last one for the promotion of the use of the mobile clean point. All three have been approved unanimously.

On the part of Adelante Punta Umbría, its two motions have been approved unanimously. The first for a Punta Umbría that is accessible and passable for all and, the second, requesting the repair of the bike lane on Avenida del Oceano and the promotion of cycling.

As for Unidos Por Punta Umbría, its motion for compliance with the municipal ordinance that regulates the use of motorhomes, caravans and campers in the municipality, as well as that they be prosecuted and sanctioned, has been approved with the votes in favor of the entire Corporation. illegal camping.

Finally, this municipal group has presented a motion to promote accessibility and citizen participation in municipal management, which has also been approved unanimously.

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