A coupon for the bicentennial of the Diputación de Huelva

The coupon from the National Organization for the Blind (ELEVEN) of the next June 28th will be dedicated to Bicentennial of the constitution of the Deputation and the creation of the province of Huelva. The coupon, which has been presented by the president of the Diputación, María Eugenia Limón, and the director of ONCE in Huelva, Francisco García, will spread the name of Huelva throughout Spain, giving visibility to the institution, the province and their 200 years of history”, stated Limón, who thanked ONCE for its involvement and work in the province of Huelva.

The coupon, presented today on a large scale, represents the image of the Bicentennial, the work of Víctor Pulido: “A Diputación in the feminine, which is the proper gender of the noun Diputación. The face shows a past profile and a current one, transferring the idea of ​​that transit through time that culminates in the current moment”.

The president of the Diputación has assured “that this coupon is going to be, as it always has been, an excellent instrument for promoting and disseminating this important commemoration at a national level”, since each day the ONCE coupon reaches five million and a half citizens throughout the country and more than 50,000 in our province.

According to Limón, the National Organization for the Blind knows “that this Provincial Council is its home, and this is confirmed by our excellent relationship and continuous collaboration.” The last one, a protocol that we signed two months ago to guarantee the accessibility of the Huelva Destination. The objective is to favor the full inclusion and social normalization of people with disabilities, through the design and promotion of tourist infrastructures, products and services that allow enjoyment in full conditions of equality.

For the president, this collaboration “is also a thank you to ONCE for the magnificent work it carries out in our province to improve the quality of life of blind and visually impaired people. A social character and solidarity with people affected by various disabilities that makes their integration possible in the day to day in a participatory and equal way. This work and its involvement in the province of Huelva led the Huelva Provincial Council to award its highest distinction, the province’s Gold Medal, to ONCE in 2012.

The director of ONCE in Huelva, Francisco García, has affirmed that the coupon is not only an instrument for the provision of social services for blind and visually impaired people, but also serves to project, in this case “a careful story, worked for two hundred years, with some difficult beginnings -and in that the ONCE is reflected-, but with the passing of the years everything is overcome”.

In this sense, he has indicated that both the ONCE coupon and the Diputación’s coat of arms are “a symbol” of a similar job, “because it is aimed at citizens.” Francisco García has referred to the “work, hand in hand with other administrations so that this world is more friendly and we can enjoy them equally”, and “the illusion” of buying the coupon for the Bicentennial of the Diputación, “wishing luck so that it touches in Huelva.

The ONCE dedicates a coupon to the 200 years of the Diputación de Huelva

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