A conference analyzes the role of the Administration as a catalyst for sustainable mobility

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On the occasion of the European Mobility Weekthe Deputation celebrated this Thursday conference ‘Public Administration as a catalyst for sustainable mobility, aimed at public entities in the province of Huelva and in collaboration with companies in the sector. The conference, held at the Puente de La Rábida Building, was opened by the Deputy for Territorial Development, Yolanda Rubio.

A conference analyzes the role of the Administration as a catalyst for sustainable mobility

The program began with a presentation on ‘The Plan to Promote Electric Mobility in the Province of Huelva (PIMEPH)’, by Raimundo Miranda, head of the Huelva Provincial Council’s Environment and Energy Service. The Huelva Provincial Council has considered it necessary to articulate the necessary measures to promote the efficient use of resources and boost the economic growth of the municipalities, especially those with a smaller population. The Plan for the Promotion of Electric Mobility is configured as an instrument of cooperation and economic assistance to municipalities.

As Miranda explained, the Plan, with a budget of 2,000,000 euros, pursues three main objectives: promoting the sustainable use of municipal resources, promoting energy savings and efficiency, and reducing emissions at the municipal level. All this contributes to the improvement of the public services that the City Councils make available to the citizens.

With this Plan, the most characteristic institutional function of the Provincial Councils is fulfilled, that is, the assistance and support to the municipalities, prioritizing, especially, those with a smaller population. The aim is to provide the municipalities of the province with less than 20,000 inhabitants with economic aid for the acquisition of an electric vehicle and recharging points, varying the amount of the aid depending on the population so that the municipalities with fewer resources receive a higher amount.

After the presentation, a participatory table was held on municipal initiatives for sustainable mobility. On the one hand, the ‘Alliance for Sustainable Mobility and Territorial Cohesion’ was presented by the mayor of Alájar, Rafael Martín; the Councilor for Youth and the Environment of the Aracena City Council, José Antonio Alcaide, and the technician of the Alliance for Sustainable Mobility and Territorial Cohesion, Juan Acosta.

The experience in the municipality of San Bartolomé de la Torre, has been exposed by the Councilor for Citizen Security, Mobility, Celebrations and Promotions abroad, Domingo Martín. The table has been completed with the participation of the Aracena City Council on sustainable mobility, which has been developed by the mayor of the municipality, Manuel Guerra.

A second round table addressed ‘Innovation associated with sustainable mobility, what is yet to come’, with the participation of the Commercial Director of Public Administrations of Syrsa Automoción SL, Enrique Espinosa de los Monteros, and the head of Marketing and Sales of Endesa X Way SL Manuel Muñoz. Likewise, the CEO of Colin Buchanan Consultores SA, Enrique Huertas, has presented ‘Success stories and good practices of non-motorized mobility in municipalities with 20,000 inhabitants and rural areas’

The last part of the day consisted of a demonstrative session outside the Ibero-American Forum, with vehicles and material associated with sustainable mobility: electric cars, scooters, charging points, etc., and with the possibility of vehicle tests.

The European Mobility Week emerged in 1999 and is celebrated every year, from September 16 to 22, carrying out activities to promote sustainable mobility and promoting the development of good practices and permanent measures.

The slogan chosen by the European Commission for Mobility Week 2022 is ‘Better connections’, with which it wants to highlight and promote synergies between people and places to raise awareness about sustainable mobility and promote changes of behavior in favor of active mobility.

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