94.42% of students pass the PEvAU in Huelva

The 94.42% of the students presented to the Access Phase of the Baccalaureate Assessment Test for University Access (PEvAU) in Huelva has achieved a pass, which means 1,880 of 1,991 students examined in this compulsory part. In Andalusia as a whole, 96.28% of the students have passed the test, which means 37,702 of a total of 39,159 students examined in this compulsory part. This percentage rises with respect to the result obtained last year, when 95.65% of the student body satisfactorily passed the exams. The students have known the results from 8:00 am on the web portals of each of the universities.

The highest mark has been a ten obtained by 14 students in the provinces of Almería (2), Córdoba (1), Huelva (1), Jaen (1), Granada (2), Malaga (4) and Seville (3). This is the maximum score that students can achieve in the Access Phase, although it is possible to supplement it with four additional points that are achieved in the Admission Phase, depending on the grade obtained in these exams and the weighting made according to the requested degree.

Considering gender, of the 22,485 women who have completed the PEvAU, a total of 21,628 have passed it, which represents 96.19%; while in the case of men, 16,074 of the 16,674 presented, have obtained a satisfactory result, which is equivalent to 96.40%.

In this sense, by universities, Almería has registered 95.74% of eligible students, which means that 2,964 of 3,096 have achieved approval; that of Cádiz has achieved a percentage of 96.02%, so that a total of 5,454 of 5,680 have passed the exams.

The approved student body at the University of Córdoba amounts to 3,630 out of 3,741, which represents 97.03%; Those qualified at the University of Granada add up to 5,043, 95.75% of the 5,267 examined; at the University of Huelva they rise to 1,880 from 1,991, that is, 94.42%; and at the University of Jaén the balance was 97.07%, which translates into 2,919 out of 3,007.

For its part, the University of Malaga has 96.69% of eligible students, which is equivalent to 6,916 of 7,153; Pablo de Olavide (Seville) shows a pass rate of 98.09%, with 1,028 students out of 1,048 with satisfactory results. At the University of Seville, the student body that has passed the tests rises to 7,868 of a total of 8,176, 96.23%.

Admission Phase

Students who, having already passed the Access Phase or being exempt from it, as happens to those who already have a Higher Technician degree, have also presented themselves to this ordinary call for the PEvAU, who want to raise their grade to obtain up to four additional points. It has been a total of 45,016 people with the following distribution: 17,394 examinees of one subject, 25,349 of two, while three and four have been 2,211 and 62, respectively. All this supposes a total of 74,973 exams, in which the maximum qualification has been obtained in 3,142 of them.

The test, held between June 14, 15 and 16, passed normally and without incident thanks to the coordination between the Andalusian Interuniversity Coordinating Commission and the Andalusian universities themselves. In the execution of the tests, the Andalusian students have also had exemplary behavior, showing their full collaboration with the teachers and other personnel involved in the development of the exams. This year’s PEvAU has brought together 47,139 students from Baccalaureate and Higher Level Vocational Training, who have applied for both the Access Phase and the Admission Phase.

Pre-registration until July 1

Once the results are known, this same day, June 23, starting at 12:00 p.m., the period for submitting applications for access to the degrees of Andalusian public universities has been opened, a period that will end on July 1 at 11:59 p.m.

To participate in the admission procedure, the Commission of the Single University District of Andalusia warns all students that it is necessary to formulate the pre-registration request between June 23 and July 1, even if it is suspended, in anticipation that after the opportune revisions manage to overcome the evaluation. As it is a procedure of what is known as competitive competition, in which applications cannot be included after the established deadline, the computer program through which the application is submitted allows a rating of less than five points to be entered, which will be automatically updated when the university grants a new note, and if this is equal to or greater than five points, said request will be attended to in the procedure with all rights.

The publication of the first allocation of places will take place on July 7. On this date, the registration, confirmation or reservation period will also begin, with a duration of five days, until July 11.

As in previous years, pre-registration for university access will only be carried out electronically at the address, which is the direct link to the website of Distrito Único Andaluz -DUA-. On this platform, those who have taken the tests at an Andalusian university do not have to present any documentation.

For the next academic year 2022/2023, the public university system will offer 50,826 places.

Job placement survey to guide the selection

Since June 13, the Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities has made available to students who start the next university course the most significant data from a study prepared by the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia (IECA) on the employment of graduates of public universities.

This information is available through the website of the Single Andalusian District. This measure is intended to provide these young people with relevant information to help them make their decision when choosing to enroll in one degree or another after passing the PEvAU.

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