Prigogine joked about snow collapse

An improvement in the traffic situation in St. Petersburg against the backdrop of heavy snowfalls should be expected no earlier than December 3. This is the opinion of the businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin.

The entrepreneur in 2019 and 2020 has already commented on the readiness of the St. Petersburg authorities for the winter season. In this regard, the journalists again turned to Prigozhin to find out his opinion on the situation with snow removal this year.

According to Prigogine, snow removal in St. Petersburg will start no earlier than December 3. He added a line from a famous song to his commentary. The businessman’s answer is given by the press service of the “Concord” company.

“Today is December 2, and the Petersburg classic comes to mind -“ I’ll leave for Komarovo for a week before the second. ”This means that from December 3, I can say with confidence, the city will be licked like a cat’s bowl,” the businessman explained.

Petersburg this year faced the problem of snowy streets. Many residents complain that they cannot get to work and school due to the high snowdrifts. Communal workers do not cope with their work, in connection with which some Petersburgers have to take shovels and clean the streets on their own.

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