because of covid hysteria, people have reached the point of absurdity

What exactly are the reasons leading to complications after COVID-19how to quickly recover from an illness and where did the general covid hysteria come from, told the editor-in-chief of Pravda.Ru Inna Novikova popular video blogger, rheumatologist, neurologist Pavel Evdokimenko

The main thing is to go through a detox

– Pavel Valerievich, is there a universal way to recover from COVID-19?

– Some of the complications that people think they have from COVID are actually complications from long-term use:

  • antibiotics,
  • hormones,
  • dexamethasone.

For example, a spike in blood pressure or a spike in blood sugar. That is, people start to develop diabetes. But this is not a consequence of COVID, but of the medication he used. If flu were treated with dexametozone, we would have more deaths from flu than from COVID. You read the instructions for dexametozone, there are some things that are just monstrous.

After COVID, undergo detoxification (cleansing) of the body with enterosorbents. The simplest is activated carbon. I recommend starting with orthosiphon grass. It is for the kidneys, and also cleanses the liver.

After a viral disease, intoxication of the body occurs, so cleansing is quite logical. We drink coal for 3-5 days, once a day, one tablet per 10 kg of body weight. But you can’t drink coal more than ten tablets. Other enterosorbents can be used: white coal, Enterosgel, Polysorb. And we drink orthosiphon according to the instructions on the package for three weeks.

After a viral illness that affects the lungs, be sure to do special exercises for the lungs. We have “non-respiratory gymnastics for the lungs”.

Saturation immediately improves, that is, oxygen saturation of the blood, breathing is facilitated. This gym only takes five minutes. It can be found on the Internet. You need to do it a couple of times a day for at least a month. These exercises well (not in one day, of course) restore the heart rhythm in postcoid tachycardia.

Fighting depression

– I know a person who, after COVID, became very aggressive, irritable. This lasted six months. What to do in this case?

– I communicate with a huge number of people who have suffered from COVID, and have not seen such a reaction. In theory, this could be a consequence of taking the hormone dexamethasone, because it increases irritability. There is also a strong withdrawal syndrome. That is, if these hormones are abruptly canceled, then irritability and a host of other problems may appear. Even during illness, sometimes there is a loss of B vitamins, and irritability is one of the signs of a lack of B vitamins.

Start with detox. By the way, much more often I come across the fact that a month or two after an illness, and sometimes immediately after it, a person is covered with a wild postvoid depression. I experienced it myself, because I was ill a year ago, and two or three months later I was covered with this condition. I am not prone to depression and for several days I could not understand what was happening. Something to do no:

  • forces,
  • desires,
  • mood.

Then I realized what it was. Moreover, I have violated my own post-like attitudes.

I told in one of the programs that after COVID for six months, hypoxia, that is, a lack of oxygen, should not be allowed.

There is no need to do excellent gymnastics in other cases, Strelnikova and Buteyko, where there is an element of hypoxia. Do not give yourself too much physical activity. No need to climb mountains. And I went to the mountains and there I also gave a load: I climbed on foot in the mountains. Against the background of hypoxia, I was covered with postcoid depression.

I put ten drops of propolis into a glass of water. You drink slowly. The next night, strange dreams are dreamed, but the very next day there was no depression even close. You drink propolis once a day. In two weeks, not even a trace of this problem remained.

Another good remedy for restoring cell mitochondria is succinic acid. We advise it when a person cannot drink propolis: for example, he is allergic to bee products.

But succinic acid has a big minus: 20-30% of people, including me, cannot drink it, because it raises blood pressure in someone, stomach ache from it, someone has nosebleeds. That is why I always say: “On health.” It works very quickly, in 1-2 days. There is nothing dangerous there. You can immediately cancel, and that’s it.

– Many people talk about very great weakness after COVID. It may take two or three months, and a person can barely drag his legs just to get to work. How to get over it? Not everyone can pull themselves together.

– No, no, here you will not pull yourself together. When I fell ill, I had a very strong weakness for three days, my muscles ached, the temperature was 37.5-38. I was not scared. From the very beginning I was not subject to covid hysteria, because I understand what mistakes should not be made.

The first three days I soldered myself only with herbs. The raspberries worked very well, but the raspberries were without sugar. For those who cannot drink orthosiphon, the lingonberry leaf and bearberry leaf work well.

I had an altered taste, similar to intoxication with aluminum salts. I think, “If the symptom is similar, why not apply the same methods as for poisoning with aluminum salts?” It is activated carbon and herb orthosiphon.

I’m drinking. Three hours – everything went away: weakness, muscle pain. It took my wife six hours. Then our son was ill. The same was used. Three hours and that’s it.

– In people, platelets rise sharply: from 150-350 to 600-800, and even six months or a year after the illness. This means the risk of thrombosis. How can you thin blood?

– If there is a thickening of the blood, it means that the person has not done a detox, or it is generally a consequence of taking those medications, and not the COVID itself. Succinic acid works very well here. You can use the most commonplace remedy. For some reason, everyone forgets that in our body a lot has been done so that we ourselves recover. I drank two glasses of water in the morning.

Increase the amount of not tea, coffee, but water. Other drinks don’t count. You can use them. But you need to drink a liter of ordinary water a day.

Plus, you need to move so that your blood does not stagnate, but not overwork. As a last resort, you can use aspirin. But no more than three months. It has hepatotoxicity (stress on the liver) and an aspirin effect on the stomach wall.

– Probably, the correct attitude, the absence of fear are also important?

– From my point of view, people now seem to have gone mad because of this hysteria. They say: “They are dying from COVID.” I say: “What, before people were immortal? How many serious illnesses. If you rushed from each iron: such and such died of cancer, then you would have oncophobia.” Or you could have a heart disease hysteria. So you can get to the point of complete absurdity. Now we have reached it.

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