5 arrested for selling drugs in a cannabis association

The Civil Guard has proceeded to arrest of five people and the investigation of yet another as alleged perpetrators of crimes against public health in the form of drug traffic and of illicit association.

As reported by the Armed Institute in a press release, the so-called ‘Operation Greenlose’ began last March, when it became known of the possible drug sales in a private place in the town of Christina Islandwhich was legally constituted as a cannabis association, causing these events a great neighborhood alarm.

After investigations carried out, it was found that the association, through the legislative protection granted by Organic Law 1/2002 of March 22, regulating the Right of Association, carried out the sale of narcotic substances inside said premises indiscriminately to obtain economic benefits and protect themselves from police action.

About 1,500 grams of drugs seized

For all these reasons, a search authorized by the Judicial Authority was carried out, being apprehended around 1,500 grams of narcotic-psychotropic substances derivatives of cannabis of different varieties, various edibles with tetrahydracannabidiol (THC) as an ingredient and cash.

Several electronic devices were also seized, as well as tools for the preparation, dosage and weighing of the narcotic substance and various documentation. Finally, the establishment was sealed to prevent the activity of this illicit association from resuming.

With this action, it has been possible to clarify the aforementioned crimes and interrupt the criminal activity that was being carried out, which attracted numerous clients and produced neighborhood complaints. The detainees and the instructed proceedings have been handed over to the Ayamonte Court of Instruction.

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