Putin must signal if he intends to invade Ukraine

The president Vladimir Zelensky asked the Russian leader Vladimir Putin publicly explain if he wants to seize Ukraine

Zelensky also stressed at a press conference that the words of his colleague about the attack on the country are important at the moment. As the President of Ukraine added, Kiev is defending itself and does not even think about escalation.

“We are ready for a conversation, we have said more than once – you don’t want meetings, let’s talk on the phone. Let’s say publicly that the Russian Federation is not preparing a full-scale invasion of Ukraine,” the leader said. RIA News

Zelensky previously reported that the likelihood large-scale war Russia and Ukraine always exist, but today the media only frighten the world community with a similar topic. The president also announced the requests of the head of the European Council Charles Michel and the acting chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel to speak with the Kremlin by phone. The leader noted that the Ukrainian side is not against dialogue, head of the presidential office Andrey Ermak will deal with this issue.

It became known why Zelensky wants to introduce martial law in Ukraine

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