Certificates of coronavirus patients will be renewed automatically, Murashko said

Validity certificates of transferred COVID-19 in the Russian Federation will be extended from six months to a year automatically, the head of the country’s Ministry of Health said Mikhail Murashko

“The certificate will be automatically renewed for everyone who had the disease within the last year … One year from the date of recovery. Documents are being made to change”, – quotes Minister of RIA Novosti.

Recall that now those who have had a coronavirus infection can download a certificate of a past illness with a QR code on public services, which is valid for six months.

As previously reported, the idea to extend the validity of the certificates of the postponed coronavirus up to a year was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova at the meeting of the President of the Russian Federation with members of the government, which took place on November 24. She explained her proposal by the fact that the proportion of those who have had COVID-19 again from the total number of those who underwent it, according to monitoring data, is only 0.74%. Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the idea of ​​the deputy chairman of the government.

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