Galkin told how Basque because of drunkenness three times could not fly away by plane

Leading Maksim Galkin told how, due to alcohol abuse, the singer Nikolay Baskov missed the plane three times in a row.

“We were in Sardinia with the customer. I stayed, and Kolya urgently needed to go to America. He drank a lot, and when he arrived at the airport, he missed his flight. Then he took a ticket for another – to Moscow, but slept through it too. “, – the comedian remembered with a smile on the show “Bluff”

As Galkin said further, Baskov, who was at the airport with a discharged phone, asked for help from an American Express employee, whom he asked to send him to Moscow as he liked.

The singer was sent to Moscow on a very long circular route through Olbia, Milan, Budapest and Odessa, with three transfers. But despite this, Baskov still could not get to Moscow then – on the third change he missed the plane on purpose, when he realized that he still had no time to get anywhere.

“He came to his senses only when he was in Odessa at one o’clock in the morning and realized that he was still late, so he checked into a hotel, and in the morning he went to the festival” Big Difference “- this is how, according to Galkin, this long and tiring history for the singer.

Nikolay Baskov at the Concert of Maxim Galkin

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