Poroshenko lost Donbass, and Turchynov lost Crimea

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky stated that the former Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko “lost Donbass”, and the former secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov – Crimea.

“Mr. Turchynov is one of those people who lost Crimea. And Mr. Poroshenko is one of those who lost Donbass. That’s all. This is my opinion and I am sure the opinion of the majority of Ukrainians,” Zelensky said at a press conference, text broadcast which leads COUNTRY.UA

According to Zelensky, he is making every effort to end the war in Donbass.

Earlier, the President of Ukraine said that he was informed about the impending coup d’etat, in which Akhmetov was involved. However, the entrepreneur is being “drawn into this” by the unfriendly representatives of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, the leader of the country believes. He noted that he did not believe in the possibility of a coup d’etat, which is scheduled for December 1, and Akhmetov’s participation in it. If the coup nevertheless occurs, then he does not intend to flee the country, like ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, Zelensky stressed.

It became known why Zelensky wants to introduce martial law in Ukraine

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