Yagudin: “I would be okay with Morgenstern’s participation in the Ice Age”

Figure skater, Olympic champion and host of the popular Ice Age project on Channel One Alexey Yagudin told what he thinks about the possible participation in the ice show in the future of the rapper Morgenstern… I talked to the skater Sport 24

The skater admitted that he would not mind if Morgenstern became a participant in the project. He cited Tiktoker as an example Danya Milokhina, in which at first no one believed as an athlete, but who is now considered one of the favorites and favorites of the public.

“When we just launched the season, there was a lot of negative about the participation of Dani Milokhin. Now look, we have already filmed the 9th issue and how many enthusiastic responses from his participation!”

Yagudin noted that there are still a few negative reviews, he tries to erase them on his social networks.

He praised the couple Milokhin and Evgenia Medvedeva that a week ago they made a topical issue just on the topic of hate.

Yagudin expressed his sincere admiration for Tiktoker and his abilities, which no one suspected.

“We did not know who Danya Milokhin was, but he came and amazed us. There is absolutely sincere kindness and warmth that we receive from him.”

He added that he did not know Morgenstern at all, but expressed confidence that everyone would know about him if he took part in the “Ice Age”.

Evgenia Medvedeva and Danya Milokhin – “Suis-moi”. Ice Age 2021.102.10.20221

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