How much will the phenomenal gas discount for Serbia cost Russia?

On Thursday, following negotiations in Sochi between Vladimir Putin and Aleksandr Vucic, an agreement was reached that Serbia will receive gas for the next six months at $ 270 per thousand cubic meters, that is, at the price of the current contract, which expires at the end of the year.

Why is this preference the lowest gas price in Europe?

Serbia called this result “phenomenal”, which Belgrade did not count on. That is, Vucic did not ask for this price, it was proposed by the Russian president.

This concession, which Moldova has never dreamed of, is causing a mixed reaction.

Perhaps the Serb brothers need help, but for such help, can you, for example, count on a military base on the territory of Serbia?

On the other hand, this is the support not only of the Serbs, but also of the Vucic government, which in solving the Kosovo problem looks at Brussels and Washington, not Moscow. Serbia opened its territory for the movement of NATO troops, representatives of this organization received special diplomatic immunity and freedom of movement within the country, as well as access to Serbian military facilities.

It is known that in April 2022 general elections are coming in Serbia, that is, the agreements reached are, in fact, Vucic’s pre-election success, this is a sign to the voter: “if you do not vote for me, there will be no further discounts.” In general, this is exactly how Vucic positions himself in Serbia: he has excellent relations with Putin, he can agree on everything.

Putin confirmed this (it is doubtful that Vucic is worthy of this), and also that the issue of gas trade is a political issue, not a commercial one. Maybe Putin has a guilt complex for the fact that Russia allowed the bombing of Yugoslavia?

Does Russia need another stadium?

After negotiations, Vucic statedthat with such a price in the most difficult winter period, more € 300 million, for which, according to him, another national stadium can be built, and Serbia also received a supply guarantee.

The Serbian President explained what else he talked about with Putin:

  • on cooperation in the construction of railways,
  • about radiopharmaceuticals,
  • on military-technical cooperation, in particular to speed up the supply of “Cornets” – anti-tank missiles to Serbia.

Europe is told how to deal with Russia

As Pravda said. Ru Head of the Center for the Study of the Contemporary Balkan Crisis of the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences Elena Guskova, the gas concession is important not only for Serbia itself, but it is an indicative gesture towards Europe.

Thus, according to the expert, Moscow has shown that it is possible and necessary to negotiate with Russia, “and not to introduce unilateral sanctions to the detriment of their countries and freezing people.”

“Cooperation with Serbia is developing in our country not only in the purely economic, let’s say, agricultural sphere. We have good investments in Serbia. And I want to say that we had to negotiate about a nuclear power plant that is going to be built in Serbia. friendly relations, but at a good economic level, is very important, “said Elena Guskova.

Recall that Moldova, after long negotiations with Moscow, lowered the gas price to $ 550 per 1,000 cubic meters, which seemed to the Russophobic government in Chisinau to be a success.

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