Zelensky named his main ally

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky stated that attacks were being made against him by the media controlled by the businessman Rinat Akhmetov

Earlier, the Ukrainian leader said that he had been informed about the impending coup d’etat, in which Akhmetov was involved, who was “being dragged into this.” Zelensky noted that he does not believe in the possibility of a coup d’etat, which should take place on December 1.

“I do not have a media resource to fight. I believe that this is called a media attack. I have no media allies, I believe that my main ally is the people of Ukraine,” the president is quoted as saying RIA News

The country’s leader called on the businessman, who owns 20% of Ukraine’s GDP, to “leave alone” parliamentarians and not to influence politics, not to wage an information war.

It became known why Zelensky wants to introduce martial law in Ukraine

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