the new system for calculating the poverty line in Russia will change the number of beggars

The Ministry of Labor will consider a draft law on a system for calculating the poverty line in Russia. Officials believe that the document will help to more accurately track the number of poor in Russia.

The Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy thinks differently Mikhail Delyagin.

He said Public News Service, that the document, on the contrary, will underestimate this level.

“Roughly speaking, pearls have fallen in price, but potatoes have risen in price. And since pearls have fallen in price by about the same amount as potatoes have risen in price, then, accordingly, there are fewer poor people,” Delyagin said.

The new poverty line will take inflation into account. The cost of living will need to be multiplied by the consumer price index. And social payments and benefits will be assigned taking into account the living wage.

“Now it is considered for those goods that are actually consumed by the poor. Prices for these goods have risen, people have begun to live worse, the level of poverty has increased. live better that you show off! ” – said Delyagin.

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