“Is mining coal worth living this way?”

Maxim Galkin and Alexander Myasnikov commented on the tragedy in the Kemerovo region, where 46 miners and six rescuers were killed.

Maxim Galkin shared his opinion on the death of miners in Listvyazhnaya mine.

“A terrible tragedy in the Kuzbass. So many families became unhappy in an instant. – Asks the husband of Alla Pugacheva in her Instagram account.

The showman wonders why in our time it is impossible to secure labor miners or reduce risks to a minimum.

“The deepest and most sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims! My soul is with you!” – the artist wrote.

TV doctor Alexander Myasnikov also spoke about the tragedy.

“Tragedy at a mine in the Kemerovo region. Eternal memory to the victims. Strength to their families. For centuries, a miner, going down into the mine, does not know whether he will come out alive or not. Dangerous and hard work,” the doctor writes in his Telegram channel.

Myasnikov notes that in Soviet times, miners were not in vain the elite of the working class.

“Eternal memory to the victims and endless respect for those who change clothes in the mines today to go down!” – wrote the doctor.

46 miners and six rescuers who went to their rescue were killed in an emergency mine. A three-day mourning has been announced in the Kemerovo region. The likely cause of the tragedy is the methane explosion.

The miner who was presumed dead at Listvyazhnaya was found alive. Explosion at the Kuzbass mine: latest news

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