Why does ToAZ want to hire a former general of the Russian Guard?

Pravda.Ru continues to monitor the situation at ToAZ, a strategic plant still owned by the Makhlai convicted of fraud. On the resource the following information appeared.

Former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Karachay-Cherkessia and former head of the intelligence department of the federal service of the Rosguard troops, Lieutenant General Kazimir Botashev in the near future may be appointed Deputy General Director of the chemical plant of PJSC “Togliattiazot”

He has not yet been registered for work, but he has already come to meetings with the plant’s management as a “fixer” in order to confront the National Guard and prevent the department’s departments from entering the plant.

At first glance, the assignment looks strange: where is the general from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and where is the chemical production. However, if you look at the history of ToAZ on the one hand and at the biography of Botashev on the other, a very clear picture emerges – the main owners of ToAZ who are hiding abroad convicted of fraud are pinning their hopes on the retired security official, steeped in corruption, so that he will help them solve problems with the law by means of corruption. …

The main owner of ToAZ Sergey Makhlai together with four accomplices, he was found guilty of large-scale fraud two years ago by embezzling export deliveries of ToAZ products for as much as 87.6 billion rubles. However, the scammers continue, hiding abroad, to develop and implement more and more new schemes to rob the plant, large-scale illegal withdrawal of money and export of material values.

If earlier products were stolen mainly by selling them at a reduced price to an affiliated offshore company, now the natural removal of unaccounted products, equipment, spare parts and other inventory items from the plant is becoming increasingly important. For this, a whole criminal group was created on the territory of ToAZ, which was organized by the Deputy General Director for Commercial Issues. Vladislav Pustynnikov, head of the plant security service Andrey Bobkov, director of the lured private security company “Almaz” Alexander Feoktistovwho, through bribery, blackmail or threats, involved many other employees of the enterprise, both from the management and privates, into criminal activity.

However, a hazardous production facility is not legally required to be guarded by a private security company. On March 29, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation included ToAZ in the list of industrial facilities subject to categorization according to the degree of hazard, and on June 2, the process of agreeing and approving the safety data sheet for the ToAZ industrial facility was completed. In April, the government approved requirements for the security of such facilities. As established by the decree of the Russian government No. 1413, “the objects (territory) of ToAZ are subject to protection by the troops of the National Guard and (or) organizations under the jurisdiction of the Federal Service of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation.”

But the management did its best to prevent the enterprise from passing under the protection of the Russian Guard. They are ready to forget about anti-terrorist security, if only to further freely export everything that is possible through the checkpoint. In August, the prosecutor’s office of the Komsomolsk district of Togliatti submitted to Shishov a proposal to eliminate violations of anti-terrorist legislation. An administrative violation report was also drawn up against him. Prosecutors repeatedly summoned ToAZ top managers with official documents to hand over the order to initiate administrative proceedings, but Shishov and his subordinates simply ignored these documents and did not appear.

It turns out that the non-admission of Rosgvardia to the plant was a matter of survival for the criminal group that had settled down at ToAZ. This is where it came in handy Kazimir Botashev, which in the spring of 2021 was kicked out of the same Russian Guard in disgrace.

A reputation trail has been following Botashev since the 90s, when in Chechnya he was ransoming hostages from militants. For one of the captured soldiers, Botashev was given a large amount of money, but the prisoner was eventually found dead, and the money disappeared.

Now against one of the close associates of Botashev, the former head of the rear of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Karachay-Cherkessia Mukhtar Pheshkhova a criminal case is being investigated into large-scale embezzlement in 2016. According to the investigation, it is worth 22 million rubles. overestimated the cost of a land plot and a building in Cherkassk. The documents, according to the media, were signed personally by Botashev.

Botashev managed to light up in a sensational case Arashukovs. As Senator Rauf Arashukov argued in court, it was Botashev who became the main initiator of his criminal prosecution. According to the senator, the general was outraged by the verification of the legality of purchases by the regional department of the FMS, which became part of the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs, and regarded this as an attempt to interfere with his plans to head the republic, where elections were just taking place in 2016. The conflict was aggravated by the initiation of a criminal case against Pheshkhov. Arashukov also claims that Botashev paid $ 5 million to bring dirt on him to the Russian president.

In a word, Botashev learned to use his connections and rank for personal purposes during the years of service in the bodies. Bringing Botashev’s relatives and former subordinates to justice is not an easy task, the processes drag on for years. The nephew of this scandalous general, who knocked down a pedestrian to death, has not yet been convicted. His other relative, ex-deputy mayor of the Karachayevsky urban district Alibek Karaketov, put on the federal wanted list for embezzlement of budgetary funds in 2013–2017, he safely fled the country. It is not surprising that the KCR is firmly in the first place among the most criminogenic regions of the Russian Federation.

Now the convicted criminals, the owners of ToAZ Makhlai, who are hiding abroad, have become interested in Botashev’s criminal talents. They probably offered him a good price for the corruption cover. We can only hope that the public will pay attention to the situation, as well as the current law enforcement officers, for whom law and order are in the first place, and not trading their connections and influence for mercenary purposes.

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