The historian reacted to the petition of the Ukrainians to change the sex of the sculpture “Motherland”

Ukraine is being “dragged” further and further away from Russia in order to cut off all ties between states. This was stated by the chief researcher of the Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Zhukov, commenting on Pravda.Ru on the petition of the Kiev City Council demanding change the floor of the sculpture “Motherland”.

According to the doctor of historical sciences, the Russian Federation can in no way influence the decision of the Ukrainian authorities to abandon Soviet symbols.

“Ukraine is an independent state. They act as they want. And our opinion does not play any role for them. And the fact that with each such event Ukraine is being dragged further and further away from Russia is indisputable. And the goal of the acting politicians is to achieve, so that there is no connection between the countries. The Ukrainians are silent, do not react in any way, and now we can only come to terms with what is happening there, “Zhukov said.

He also added that the Ukrainian authorities are not interested in preserving Soviet monuments, because they are much more concerned about gas prices and high salaries.

“Excluding the Soviet past, we are destroying ourselves. Without it, we are dummies,” the source said.

Earlier on website A petition appeared in the Kiev City Council stating that the original concept of the sculpture “Motherland” does not meet the modern ideological requirements of society, so it was proposed to turn it into a monument to the Archangel Michael.

“The destruction of monuments to Lenin is the destruction of Ukraine”

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