Biologists have discovered the superpowers of marine life: “The head continues to actively eat”,

Professor at the George Mason University School of Systems Biology, Virologist Ancha Baranova told about the inhabitants of the deep sea with superpowers.

The scientist told about amazing sea slugs – sakoglossae. They have attracted the attention of the scientific community with their ability steal from algae their little green chloroplasts.

“Sea slugs have learned to eat algae in such a way that both sugar and fat from them are digested, but the solar chemical reactor remains intact, and for several weeks it rumbles in the body of these mollusks, continuing to capture photons and synthesize sugars. Such an underwater cetomania!” – writes Baranova in her Instagram account.

This is not the only miraculous property of marine life. The biologist named a unique trait of the Sakoglossus molluscs “ roof-carrying ”.

“They know how to separate from their body … the head! That is, both the heart and other important organs remain in the headless body. At the same time, it continues to crawl. But you cannot call it life, because there is simply nothing for headless slugs to eat. They are still ten days old. crawl, and then all ala – hoe! ” – said the specialist.

Biologists were amazed at what happens to the head of the molluscs.

“The head, freed from unnecessary organs, continues to actively eat, the wound on its” neck “quickly overgrows, – this is how a kidney is formed, inside which new organs are gradually formed, including the heart. After three weeks, the rejuvenated slug is already intact again and even ready to breed, “the scientist writes.

There is a version that in this way slugs get rid of parasites – they simply dump them along with the intestines.

“The head is the head of everything,” concludes Baranova.

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