Lukashenka arrived at the border with Poland to visit migrants

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko decided to personally control the conditions in which they are migrants at the border… He visited a transport and logistics center where refugees were recently housed.

The Belarusian leader was interested in whether the migrants had enough food, whether all the necessary safety conditions were met in the center, including fire-prevention measures. Separately, he talked with doctors about organizing proper assistance to refugees, if necessary.

Agency correspondent RIA News noted that the migrants greeted Lukashenka with applause.

Earlier, the Polish border guard reported that on Wednesday, November 24, about 230 refugees broke into the country, however, they were detained and returned to the Belarusian side. Office representative Anna Mikhalskaya added that the Belarusian security forces are actively helping migrants to cross the border illegally.

“Throwing stones at the military”: Refugees continue to break through the border with Poland

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