The rejuvenated widow of Kobzon appeared in public in a tight-fitting outfit

The widow of Joseph Kobzon Nelly was suspected of knowing the recipe for the elixir of youth. The 70-year-old woman is getting younger day by day, wowing fans.

Nelly Kobzon with her friends

Nelly Kobzon with her friends

Nelly, wife of People’s Artist of the USSR Iosif Kobzon, attended the premiere of Pyotr Buslov’s film “Boomerang”. The elegant woman impressed everyone with her beautiful figure and incredible youthfulness.

She posted a snapshot of the widow of the famous singer on her Instagram account wife of Valentin Yudashkin Marina.

The women seemed to have conspired, as they went out in public in similar black outfits, consisting of black trousers and a black top.

Nelly preferred tight-fitting trousers-pipes, which emphasized the beautiful hips of the star.

The graceful blonde amazed everyone with the freshness of her face. Kobzon was rightly called a woman without age.

“Quite a girl! How good! She is so slender!”;

“It is always pleasant to look at you and learn to dress stylishly without any pretentiousness”;

“Ah, these charming blondes!”;

Ninel Kobzon is the third wife of the venerable artist. Iosif Kobzon was previously married to singer Veronika Kruglova and People’s Artist of the USSR Lyudmila Gurchenko.

Joseph and Nelly Kobzon – Old Maple

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