Russia prepares for war and redeployed forces in Kamchatka – Bloomberg

Russia is preparing for a large-scale war and invasion of Ukraine, the authorities have changed the location of the power force even in Kamchatka, American analysts said.

However, the authors of the agency Bloomberg noted that a Russian attack on Ukrainian soil should not be expected earlier than winter due to the muddy soil. Also, the journalists of the publication pointed out the need for Moscow to increase its military power. In Kamchatka, the forces have been redeployed, since this place is located near Japan and America, thus our country is preparing for a major war, analysts said.

Formerly a Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned of possible provocations from the United States and the West, which regularly report the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. As the press secretary of President Vladimir Putin emphasized, it is impossible to solve the problems in the southeast by military means.

“This hysteria is being whipped up artificially,” Peskov emphasized when answering journalists’ questions about the constant reports of Western politicians and the media about Russian threat

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