“Balalaika and the bear are missing”

Ksenia Sobchak showed in what patriotic costume her son Plato is forced to appear in kindergarten.

Son of Ksenia Sobchak Platon

Son of Ksenia Sobchak Platon

The journalist published in her Instagram account a photo of the five-year-old son of Plato from Maxim Vitorgan. The boy put on a Russian folk costume.

The child was dressed in a scarlet cap and blue ports. On the boy’s feet is an imitation of bast windings, and on his head is a dashing cap with a red flower.

“In kindergarten we were asked to wear a national costume. It turned out, in my opinion, unconvincing,” the celebrity signed the photo.

Subscribers actively commented photo of Plato in a bright outfit.

“Sweet Slavic Rusich”;

“Why is it unconvincing, the first kid in the village, cute as always”;

“Balalaikas and a bear are not enough for the entourage”;

“Because this is not a real costume. It’s a shame that children are taught from childhood to the costumes of the Martians, and not to the traditional Russian,” they write on the Web.

In one of the radio programs, Ksenia said that four blood flows in her: Russian, Jewish, Czech and Polish. The first two passed to her on the maternal side. Her grandmother, Valentina Khlebosolova, was born in Pskov, so she was completely Russian. But the grandfather of Ksenia Sobchak – Boris Moiseevich Narusov – was a Jew.

Your first anniversary! Ksenia Sobchak arranged a holiday in honor of the 5th birthday of Plato’s son

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