preparation for the New Year can bring to the hospital – doctor Asanov

Preparing for new year’s eve can turn into serious health problems, said the therapist, head of the adult polyclinic of the Vidnovskaya RCH Timur Asanov… According to him, it is not known what toxic chemicals may be contained in the plastic from which the Christmas tree decorations and garlands are made.

As the doctor specified, of course, you can check the GOST of the product when buying, but this is not guarantees safety

“It will be held in accordance with GOST, if such” poisons “do not exceed the permissible concentration. However, in this case, the danger of accumulation of such substances in the human body is not taken into account,” Asanov explained in an interview with the Public News Service.

According to the therapist, poisonous vapors “released” from plastic can be seriously brought to a hospital bed. In the best case, the patient can “get rid” of the allergy.

“Doctors record cases of chemical poisoning and severe allergic reactions. After all, few people admit the idea that a cute snowman, sprinkled with sparkles, or a singing snowflake, wishing all the best in the new year, can poison,” the therapist concluded.

In order not to risk on the main holiday of the year, the doctor proposes to do “hand-made” and make toys on his own. And if you really want to, then the purchase can be checked according to several criteria:

  • no pungent chemical odor,
  • garlands do not heat up,
  • the product “does not fall apart” in the hands.

How to prepare festive decorations for NG

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