Urgant on the confrontation between anti-Axis and doctors: “They’ve figured out a cunning plan”

Ivan Urgant in his show explained why opponents of vaccination against COVID-19 refused the invitation to visit the “red zones” of covid hospitals.

The showman did not ignore the resonant debate anti-vaccinations and doctors who called the star anti-axers to visit the red zones, morgues and intensive care.

Urgant is confident that antivaxers are preparing a response for doctors, in which they explain that they approve of vaccinations, but are fighting against compulsory vaccination.

“The first medical anti-axer war is brewing. Tactical battles are now underway,” the TV presenter said.

Zvezda TV noted that anti-axers are not in an advantageous position, since they may not be allowed on the battlefield without QR code

“The anti-tuxers figured out a cunning plan, escaped the ambush,” the showman jokes.

In this controversy, Urgant was clearly leaning towards the advocates of vaccination.

“A difficult situation: common sense is on the side of the doctors, Oscar Kuchera is on the side of anti-vaccines,” said the host of “Evening Urgant”.

An open letter to well-known anti-Axis were written by the chief doctors and heads of departments of large Russian hospitals. Among those invited were Maria Shukshina, Yuri Loza, Oscar Kuchera, Gennady Zyuganov, Yegor Beroev, Natalya Vetlitskaya and others.

Letter from doctors to anti-vaccination

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