Flight attendants of the flight St. Petersburg-Uzbekistan had to give birth

The aircraft of the Aeroflot airline followed the flight St. Petersburg – Namangan (Uzbekistan), but the pilots had to urgently prepare for landing in Nizhny Novgorod. Passenger started giving birth

According to a source in the emergency services of the region, the ship’s personnel had to take the child.

“The commander of the aircraft announced the birth on board, it was decided to follow to Nizhny Novgorod. The baby was born, the flight attendants took delivery. The landing was also successful,” quotes TASS source.

The state of health of the woman in labor and the baby has not yet been reported.

Earlier, the media reported about the rapid onset of childbirth in a taxi cabin in Samara. When the passenger’s contractions began, the car stopped “tightly” in a traffic jam. The driver of the car helped the child to be born. As a token of gratitude, the newly-made mother invited the man to become a godfather and named her son in his honor.

The police took delivery on duty

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