SPbU students can be expelled for looking “in the wrong place”

For students of St. Petersburg City University threaten with expulsion for taking your eyes off the screen during the exam. Several people noticed the Examus tracking system, which monitors all gestures and even gaze.

As reported in the student committee, now the children may face expulsion for violating the “honesty” of exams. The students of St. Petersburg State University asked the university management to review the videos to prove that they were not to blame.

“Students complained about the negative status, despite the fact that they did not use cheat sheets, mobile devices and outside help. At the same time, the reaction of the SPbU staff was rather strange – they were refused to review the video, referring to the fact that it was checked by the so-called.” professional proctors “, – quotes report of the REN TV committee.

The system considers any deviation from the monitor, head rotation and the use of third-party programs as cheating. However, the fact that the students averted their eyes, the committee considers it “too much”, as well as the fact that now the children may lose their place at the university.

According to the source, the university has not yet commented on the situation.

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