Lottery ticket for change in the store brought the Russian woman 60 million rubles

A resident of the Krasnodar Territory unexpectedly for herself won almost 60 million rubles, having learned about it only a few months later. The prize was brought to her by a lottery ticket, which the Russian woman bought in the store for change upon purchase. It is reported by RIA News

“A resident of the Krasnodar Territory in the summer, during a trip to Russia, ended up in Murmansk. The girl went to the store for groceries, and the seller at the checkout suggested that she buy a ticket for the state lottery” Sportloto “6 out of 45”. The results of the 5989th draw were stunning for the participant: Alena won a super prize of 58,761,825 rubles. True, she found out about this only a few months later, “said representatives of the Stoloto state lottery.

The company said that when purchasing a ticket, you had to indicate your mobile phone number. A resident of the Kuban, a few months later, when registering on the Stoloto website, again wrote the previously indicated mobile number.

“I look, and in my personal account there is an unreceived prize of 58 million rubles. At that moment I was in a state of shock,” said the lucky woman.

The winner added that she still cannot believe what happened. She admitted that this win is “like snow on her head” for her, and she is already dreaming about how she will spend it. The girl wants to learn to be a designer, help stray animals and go to travel to Canada.

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