Ukrainians decided to change the sex of the sculpture “Motherland”

A resident of Ukraine propose to remove from the statue “Motherland”, which is located on the Pechersk Hills in Kiev, echoes of the “Soviet past”. He created a petition and even those who signed it were found.

The initiator proposed to remake “Motherland” on the Archangel Michael, who is considered the heavenly patron of the capital Nezalezhnaya. Interestingly, to dismantle the monument, the author of the petition considered it inappropriate.

“The Soviet aesthetics of this building does not meet the modern political and ideological requirements of society. At the same time, its dismantling seems inappropriate, firstly, since it firmly blended into the outlines of our city, and secondly, for economic reasons,” explained author.

So, in his opinion, it is enough to just “rework” the statue a little to get the desired monument. The petition states that six thousand signatures are needed in order to “set in motion” the initiative. True, only 11 people have signed it during the day.

What monument should stand on the Lubyanka

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