a man threw a puppy from the 14th floor in Lyubertsy

In Lyubertsy near Moscow, a drunken man threw a two-month old american staffordshire terrier

According to the Internet edition “Moscow Region Segodnya”, the incident took place on Natashinskaya Street. According to preliminary information, the flayer had a falling out with his wife and in a fit of rage threw the puppy out the window… The animal fell onto a parked car. The incident frightened the children who were walking near the house.

Social media users said that the puppy’s body lay near the building until the police arrived. They were summoned by several residents at once, who witnessed a cruel attitude towards the pet.

  • They also wrote a collective statement to law enforcement agencies asking them to punish the man who dropped the animal from the 14th floor.

After death, the dog was taken to the veterinary clinic. Doctors took x-rays and made a conclusion about the nature of the death. These documents were also handed over to the police.

And this is happening next to us! Wild flayers all around

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