USA wants to start a war with the hands of Poles, Balts and Ukrainians

“The United States is systematically seeking to destabilize the post-Soviet space, but their main goal is to get closer to Moscow.”

This is the opinion of the President of Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting of the working group on finalizing the draft Constitution, he commented on the situation in which his country found itself.

“Everything is very clear here: the States are trying to unleash a war in the CIS with the help of the Ukrainians, Poles and Balts in order to deprive Russia of the support of its neighbors. To get to the Russians, they need to remove Ukraine and Belarus, which are“ blocking ”the road. Like a balcony that gets in the way. So they are trying to cut it off, “Lukashenka said.

According to him, the migration crisis, during which the refugees chose Belarus as a corridor, is a “bastard”, since Poland uses “this trouble” for its own purposes and openly says that it will ask NATO to “join”.

The Belarusian president stressed:

“Only the United States is interested in the war. Europe does not need a conflict at its borders at all.”

Lukashenko: They need to get closer to Moscow! And here the “balcony” remains again, it interferes with them, it is necessary to cut it off!

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