South Korea plans to introduce a ban on eating dog meat

Prime Minister of South Korea Kim Boo Kyum announced the government’s decision to create an advisory group, which will include community activists, to “weigh and evaluate a possible ban on consumption dog meat“.

Reported by the agency Yonhap

“With the dramatic increase in the number of households with pets and growing public interest in animal rights and welfare, we are witnessing an increase in calls against the consumption of dog meat as part of an ancient food culture,” Kim told reporters.

The advisory group will consist of 20 experts, civil society activists and executive officials who will have to study the opinions of citizens of the country and conduct “relevant studies” by April 2022, as well as present an action plan in case the law banning the eating of dog meat is still the same will be accepted.

Is there a consensus?

The government’s initiative did not appeal to the country’s farming sector. For example, the Secretary General of the Dog Breeders Association, Ju Yongbong, accused the authorities of “trampling” on their right to exist, and the population has whatever it pleases.

At the same time, Lee Won Bok, head of the Korea Animal Welfare Association, called the decision “very disappointing” and criticized the executive’s plan for lacking concrete proposals on how to ban the consumption of this meat.

“Although K-pop group BTS and Squid Game are ranked # 1 in the world, foreigners still associate South Korea with dog meat and the Korean War,” Li lamented.

By the way, a Realmeter survey conducted this month showed that

48.9% of South Koreans oppose a legislative ban on the consumption of dog meat,

38.6% support the idea.

According to the organization led by Lee Won Bok, between one and one and a half million dogs are killed in the country every year. This is less than 10-20 years ago.

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