Englishwoman accuses her mother’s gynecologist of “letting her be born”

A 20-year-old Englishwoman, born with a spinal defect, filed a lawsuit in London against her mother’s doctor, alleging that he failed to properly highlight the importance of supplementation during pregnancyleading to her disability.

Evie Toombs from Skegness in Lincolnshire has filed “illegitimate birth” charges against Dr. Philip Mitchell, alleging that Mitchell discouraged her mother from taking folic acid supplements before and during pregnancy, resulting in her “being born with a damaged condition.”

Toombs is seeking millions of pounds in damages to “cover the cost of living with a disability.” Her lawyer said in court that Tumbes is likely to need a wheelchair as she gets older.

Dr. Mitchell denied the allegations and insisted that he gave Caroline Toombe “reasonable” and appropriate medical advice on folate supplementation.

  • Evie Toombs was diagnosed with spina bifida in November 2001, a condition in which the child’s spine and spinal cord do not develop in the womb.
  • She works at the University of Nottingham teaching nursing students and is an equestrian competing in international competitions.

In 2018, the girl became the recipient of the WellChild Inspiration Young Person Award (“Inspiration for young peopleEstablished by the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Foundation, this award is given to critically ill and disabled children who are “doing everything they can to change their lives for the better.”

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