Polish police quell migrant riot at refugee center

On Friday night, refugees staged a riot in a Polish migrant camp located near the border with Germany.

According to the police, 604 foreign men were in the center as of yesterday. 358 of them are Iraqi citizens. The rest are Afghans.

According to media reports, several hundred people gathered outside the building and began to destroy equipment and fences. Then they took the furniture out of the premises and tried to make a fire.

At the same time, people shouted that they had come to get to Germany and intend to do so.

According to the newspaper Lubuska, the reason for the riot was the preparation of the leadership of the center to send home, to Iraq, a group of several dozen people who “do not meet the conditions for obtaining a residence permit.”

500 police officers were dispatched to pacify the rebellious residents of the center.

“The situation is stabilized. None of these people managed to escape,” the Twitter Polish police.

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