How to vaccinate people with psoriasis, said dermatologist Semochkin

People need coronavirus vaccine suffering from psoriasis, said the chief physician of the Israeli multidisciplinary clinic “Aloderm”, dermatologist Alexey Semochkin… According to him, COVID-19 can complicate the course of the disease.

As noted by the dermatologist, according to observations, many patients did not have complications on the skin after vaccination, however, you should not “run headlong” and put the component.

“Many of my patients were vaccinated and did not receive an exacerbation of the disease on the skin. Before vaccination, you should definitely consult with your attending dermatologist”, – explained Semochkin in an interview with RIA Novosti.

It is impossible to vaccinate during an exacerbation and it is better to ask a medical outlet. But even here, one cannot do without consulting a doctor, because outwardly the disease may not manifest itself.

“Outwardly, everything may not look very bad, but do not forget that in the absence of adequate treatment, all these measures are effective only in a short period of time,” the dermatologist summed up.

As the doctor noted, the coronavirus “hits” the immune system, which can provoke a worsening of the course of psoriasis, and here the patient will have to treat several consequences at once.

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