Sputnik V is recognized as the best vaccine to protect against death from covid

The Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V has shown the best result in preventing deaths from COVID-19 compared to other formulas used in the EU.

This is the conclusion of a study based on a mass vaccination campaign in Hungary.

A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of various JABs used in the Central European country was presented Thursday by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), a sovereign wealth fund that funded the development of a Russian vaccine.

“With 98% efficacy in preventing COVID deaths and 85.7% efficacy against coronavirus infection, Sputnik V performed best among the five vaccines (Sputnik V, Modern, Pfizer-BioNTech, Sinopharm and AstraZeneca) used in the Member State. EU – Hungary, according to the results of an independent study based on data from 3.7 million people “, – said the CEO of RDIF Kirill Dmitriev.

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Bypassing all competitors in terms of protection against deaths associated with coronavirus, Sputnik V was ranked second in Hungary for the prevention of the disease itself. The best result in this category was achieved with the American-made Moderna vaccine, which showed an efficacy of 89% compared to 86% shown by Sputnik V.

  • Sputnik V has also been shown to be “100% effective against COVID-related deaths in people aged 16-44,” the researchers concluded.

Not only Hungarians appreciate the Russian vaccine

A day earlier, RDIF presented an analysis of the long-term results of a mass vaccination campaign in San Marino, which mainly used Sputnik V:

  • about 70% of the 34,000 population of the European microstate received an injection of Russian production.

“Only 0.75 per 1000 people who were vaccinated with it were hospitalized. The injection also remained highly effective for a long time, remaining about 80% effective against disease for six to eight months after the second dose.

The long-term efficacy of Sputnik V is much higher than the officially published efficacy of mRNA vaccines, ”the RDIF noted.

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