Europe will not need Ukraine and turn to Russia – analyst Kochetkov

If the West and the United States refuse to finance Independent, then Kiev will have to turn to Russia for help, the analyst said. Alexander Kochetkov… According to him, then Ukraine will have to admit that “the state has failed.”

In addition, Kiev will have to comply with the Minsk Agreements, which will affect the country’s independence.

“Today Ukraine itself is slowly slipping towards Russia: we have a lot of problems, soon Europe and the United States will stop giving us money, and then Russia will be the only one who has money and who wants to deal with us in exchange for fulfilling political conditions,” – quotes Kochetkova “Glavred”.

According to the expert, most likely, at the upcoming meeting of Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader will raise the topic of the “Minsk agreements” and demand that Washington force the Kiev authorities to comply with the agreements.

However, according to the analyst, this may not be necessary, because Ukraine cannot be financed “forever” and the only solution would be to turn to Moscow for help.

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