How to eat properly with “bad” cholesterol, said nutritionist Bukina

At high cholesterol you need a balanced diet, explained the nutritionist-consultant Tatiana Bukina… As the expert emphasized, many violate the prohibitions of doctors, which can aggravate the state of health.

The WHO insists that a healthy person should consume less than 300 mg of cholesterol-containing foods per day, and those with a high rate – less than 200 mg per day.

According to the nutritionist, it is important to maintain a balance and limit some of the products from the menu, even if “you really don’t feel like it.” For example, it’s best to cut back on:

  • lamb,
  • beef,
  • pork,
  • egg yolks,
  • sunflower,
  • olive,
  • and soybean oils.

The specialist recommends introducing fish, poultry and legumes into the diet. But, it is necessary to remove the skin from chicken or turkey before cooking – it contains a lot of fat.

“From dairy products, yoghurts, kefir up to 1% fat, cottage cheese 0-4% and white cheese are suitable for the diet. It is necessary to support the body with fruits and vegetables, excluding potatoes: their vitamins and minerals remove cholesterol,” the expert quotes.Vesti suburbs

From drinks, the nutritionist advises to pay attention to green tea and completely exclude alcohol.

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