Sign that will make it clear: the devaluation of the ruble has begun

According to the Moscow Exchange, the Russian ruble at the start of trading strengthened its positions against the dollar and the euro.

By the close of the exchange on November 25, the dollar was worth 74.7 rubles, the euro – 83.7 rubles

American course currencies compared to the closing level of previous trading, it dropped by 2.5 kopecks, the value of the euro decreased by 2 kopecks.

But as said FAN, Natalia Milchakova, deputy head of IAC Alpari, is not worth making long-term forecasts now, because until early December the ruble exchange rate will depend on three factors that may become “bullish” for the Russian currency:

  • dynamics of oil prices in anticipation of the next OPEC + ministerial meeting;
  • waiting for the results of negotiations between Western countries and Iran on its nuclear program;

“If the negotiations again end in nothing, then the oil embargo against Iran will continue and oil prices will rise.”

  • speech in the US Congress by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

“If their statements contain the topic of reducing monetary stimulus to the US economy, the dollar may rise, which will negatively affect the ruble. This is the most important bearish factor.”

“Until the beginning of December, the ruble will fluctuate within 73-75 rubles per dollar and 83-84.5 rubles per euro,” concluded Natalya Milchakova.

By the way, according to the forecast Nikolay Pereslavsky from the Department of Economic and Financial Research of the CMS Institute, voiced by him in an interview FANIf our currency “breaks through” the level of 75 rubles per dollar, the devaluation of the ruble will become inevitable, which will be facilitated by the continuation of the aggravation of the geopolitical situation and, as a consequence, the persistence of threats to introduce new economic sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Ruble collapses in anticipation of war with Ukraine and new sanctions

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