The Lithuanian president pierced twice. Now he faces impeachment

President of Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda made two mistakes that could “backfire” on him by impeachment, because his political opponents in the government – members of the Conservative Party – have long been waiting for the right moment to strike.

Let us remind you that the relations of the head of state with the opposition party “Union of the Fatherland – Christian Democrats” have been strained to the limit since the SO-HDL “took” a majority in the Lithuanian parliament.

Edition BaltNews states: the warring parties began to dig in.

Mistake # 1

Nauseda reproached the head of the Ministry of Health Arunas Dulkis in inaction. Moreover, he said that the government this spring “deliberately sabotaged vaccinations” to thwart the president’s plans to create herd immunity.

Political opponents “did not let this pass”: ex-minister of defense (2008-2012) Race Yuknevičienė, which is now “working” in the European Parliament, accused the Lithuanian leader of “inclination to cheap populism”, thanks to which he allegedly “earned himself credibility in the marginal environment of anti-Axis.” And “incidentally” she criticized Nauseda on other hot issues of the domestic and European agenda:

  • fight against coronavirus,
  • the crisis of illegal migrants,
  • cooling interest in the Istanbul Convention,
  • “clamping” the law on same-sex partnerships and, as a result, in disrespect for the rights of people.

“The president came into politics from the greenhouse and has not yet understood how its secret springs work. He thinks badly of people doing hard work, showing the country examples of post-Soviet thinking. A second term is his goal. The worries of today have ceased to occupy the head of the national leader. “, – said Yuknevičienė.

Mistake # 2

Gitanas Nauseda’s position on the migrant crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. He supported and. O. Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkelwho, without consulting anyone in Brussels, called Lukashenka.

“Angela Merkel has done what can help resolve the crisis. Humanitarian problems need to be discussed not only with Poland, Lithuania and other EU countries, but also with Belarus,” the Lithuanian President said on the BBC radio station.

And immediately after that, another high-ranking Lithuanian conservative sitting in the EP, Andrius Kubilius accused Nauseda of making a single-handed decision on the country’s position in relation to “this crisis”, that is, behaving “like a dictator,” preferring to “avert his eyes instead of solving the problem.”

“Never before has any of the presidents allowed themselves such liberties in relation to the deputies of the Saeima and members of the government. Lithuania is on the wrong path,” concluded Kubilius, which the experts regarded as a hint of SO-HDL to take decisive action – to impeach the president.

Is there a migrant crisis in Lithuania

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